Best PC Gaming Chair 2016

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It’s very important to have a reliable PC gaming chair to help satisfy your gaming needs. Without a reliable gaming chair, the entire gaming experience is compromised. So in order to avoid potential disarray, I will list the best gaming chairs available for you to pick from. Hopefully, after reading each review, you’ll make the best decision suitable for your gaming needs. Each review from customers will give you insight on which gaming chair suits your gaming style, gaming genre, gaming personality, and many more personal traits that correlates to you on a personal level.

These reviews will help you find out which gaming chair fits your preference as well as your relatability to each gaming chair. I find this to be extremely advantageous in hopes of finding your ideal fit for a gaming chair, as opposed to just looking to buy a product that you have no personal insight on. When you have to rely on the latter, you can only assess each gaming chair based off what a salesperson tells you, which can be disingenuous and dishonest. It’s always a salesperson’s job to exaggerate each product in hopes of you buying the product so they can cash out, even if it involves compromising the true integrity of the product. In contrast to a salesperson’s pitch, each listed review below will give you authentic first-hand accounts of each gaming chair after they were purchased. You’ll even get insight on the chairs as PC gaming chairs, and even its compatibility to fit any gaming scenario from a variety of other gaming consoles and systems.  I hope this list is beneficial to what you’re looking for and the needs you wish to fulfill.

Entry level


1. Homall Racing Gaming Chair


I’ve been quite excited to give a review on this product offered by Homall. This chair is extremely comfortable, though I noticed that in its most forward, upright position, it still feels as if you’re leaning back quite a bit. If you were to sit completely upright with your back straight, it will not be pressed against the back of the chair. For the price though, this is a decent chair, though I do worry about the long-term durability of the product. Right out of the box, the seat stitching was somewhat unraveled. Some of the buttons that cover the bolt holes don’t quite fit and eventually fall out. Putting this entire chair together alone was somewhat burdensome, so I’d personally recommend for a second person to hold things in place while the other one tightens the screws. I purchased two versions of this chair for my desks at home. Both feel near identical to sit in. This chair has arms that swivel up, which is a nice, but I don’t trust putting all my weight on them as I push up to stand and get out of the chair.

This chair is also a good PC gaming chair as well, but maybe a little awkward on different gaming systems or consoles. The instructions show all screws as the same size, so it was a bit laborious telling which step of the assembly required the correct bolts. That said, I do recommend this chair, but I personally recommend for all potential buyers to be leary of the bolts and to consider the long-term usage of this product.

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2. Merax Stylish Devil’s Eye

Merax Stylish Devil's Ey

This gaming chair has fantastic value. For one hundred bucks, this chair gets the job done with its basic features: it can be adjusted to be closer to the ground or farther away, tension adjustment to control your leaning abilities in the chair, good aesthetics, looks like a nice chair, and is quite sizable enough for me. There’re a few things I would have liked to see. These ideal traits would’ve included the ability to recline and the ability to adjust armrests. In my opinion, even the chair’s padding is fantastic. I have never sat in an office or gaming chair that was quite as comfortable as this one, and that’s saying a lot because I’ve sat in quite a bit of gaming and office chairs in my thirty-five years.

The only issue is the assembly of the armrest due to the armrest taking forever to line up and screw down correctly. It also doesn’t help that the armrest is a little narrow plus they had too much leather left over which I had to peel off to make way for the opening of the screws. I am about 6’ft & 200 lbs. and this chair can hold me with no problem whatsoever. I have to give Merax props on this one because it’s surely a major win for the price. If you are only looking to spend a maximum of $150.00, this gaming chair is the best at that price range. I got the green one by the way and I love it. And I would recommend it again if $150.00 is your max for your price range. 

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3. High Back Race Car

High Back Race Car

It’s not a “bad” chair, but it’s clearly not designed for “tall” guys. Since I am, the headrest only comes like to the back of my neck, maybe even a little less. I feel this is more for a 5’10 person and below, rather than someone over that height. Which for 70 dollars, is a bit of a letdown. Even though it’s one of the cheapest gaming chairs in the open market, I had preconceived notions that it would at least be suitable for people of superlative heights. However, I understand that I’m speaking from the perspective of a tall person as opposed to an average height to a short person. My colleague, Mark, is 5’9 and he had no complaints regarding this chair. He told me how this gaming chair was better than all of the other gaming chairs he had assessed in the past. So from his point of view, I came to the conclusion that this performance of the gaming chair is all relative and possibly dependent on your height and stature.

For me personally, I will probably not purchase this gaming chair again, and will not recommend unless you’re under a certain height. When I started to assemble it I noticed the right arm-rest seemed like it had been cut with minor damage; I assume it was in the shipping that this happened. It’s pretty comfortable to sit in, (It could stand a bit more padding, there’s more padding on your lower back than there is on the chair seat itself), and sits anyone under 5’6″ comfortably. (I’m 6′ and my shoulder blades barely touch the bottom of the head cushion.)

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4. Merax Fantasy Series Racing

Merax Fantasy Series Racing

This gaming chair is almost the quintessential perfect gaming chair based off my personal usage with the chair. Overall, the chair seems very comfortable. I work from home about once a week, so a comfortable chair is a necessity. I also write a lot of code in my spare time, sitting in the very same chair. I develop apps and videogames so it’s quite rewarding playing the same games on my pc in the comfort of this very same chair that I used to develop the games in its initial phase. One thing that annoys me about a lot of chairs, including this one, is the loose arm rests. I’ve never fully understood the need to change the angle of the arm rest, but I am very aware of when the angle changes just by simple movement. I wish manufacturers would add a lock of some sorts: it could be a button or latch, but just something to stop them from moving unintentionally. The only other knock against this product that I accepted before I bought was it had no way to tilt the base. I don’t want to fully recline, but the ability to just tilt it back is a must. This chair doesn’t have it, but it’s solid in every other way.

The only other knock against this product that I accepted before I bought was it had no way to tilt the base. I don’t want to fully recline, but the ability to just tilt it back is a must. This chair doesn’t have it, but it’s solid in every other way. Overall though, this is a very comfortable chair. I’m roughly 6′, and this chair fits me pretty well, with a couple of tweaks. First, the “pillow” at the top did nothing for me, it literally was at the top of my head and didn’t support my neck. I’d bet the best way to fix this would be to cut the elastic straps and thread them through the openings in the back, but a much easier fix was just to pull the thing down until the elastic stretched. The bigger issue though was with the lumbar support pillow. As the chair came, the pillow kept sliding back to the base as soon as I stood up. I’m not sure if that was related to the shape of the pillow or if it was in fact put on upside down, (the one in the picture is a different pattern), but turning it around worked wonders. It stayed in place and gives a bit of support in the middle of my back.

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Mid Range


1. DXRacer Gaming Chair NW

DXRacer Gaming Chair NW

I was in the market in search for a durable chair with a high back on it. The DXRacer gaming chairs seem pretty well built and durable and overall I like the chair. However, this particular model isn’t like the other D Series. The lumbar support pictured doesn’t strap onto the back cushion like the normal D series ones do. The normal ones have extra padding on the back cushion that can be pulled forward to allow the lumbar strap behind it, and this does not have that. I have to push the lumbar support back so I don’t sit on it every time I sit down, and obviously, you can’t adjust the height on it, unless you keep your back pressing on it. DXRacer could have given more information on their site about this particular model not being like the others (no extra back padding to strap the lumbar to). I tried contacting their support team inquiring on how I would go about securing the lumbar support to the chair and they insisted that I strap it to the bottom seat cushion.

Doing that pulls the lumbar support down really hard against the seat and honestly, I had to pull the strap between a bunch of metal and springs just to get it through it. It wasn’t made to do that, but the support person was just trying to offer a way to do something that they had no clue about. I wouldn’t recommend this particular model, maybe one of their other D Series versions. I would return it for a different model, but that’s going to be a hassle on its own, so I’ll live with it. Just giving everyone else a heads up. For gaming chair in this price category, you’d think they’d be a little more clearly on their site the differences between this model and the others. I’m also in love with Dxracer gaming chairs in general, so much respect to that brand

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2. Vertagear Racing Series SL2000

Vertagear Racing Series SL2000

This is the first gaming chair I have ever bought for myself and I am pleasantly surprised how much more comfortable this is compared to your typical $80-150 chair. I cannot say if this chair is better or worse than a DXRacer gaming chair or anything like it. I have read many reviews on this chair and the other lines because I liked the design. The chair material is nice, which comes equipped with movable arms being sturdy, firm and not flimsy. The handles are also sturdy, firm, and not flimsy. This chair can recline all the way back to 180 degrees and will not snap or breakdown. The material is breathable and dissipates heat in long gaming sessions, which makes the overall experience with chair comfortable and ideal. The lumbar support is good, headrest does not get in the way too often (I sit upright most of the time and do not lean back often), and the colors are nice, bright, and not dull. The chair’s base is sturdy and I get no wobble or shaking even with excessive trembling or spontaneous movement. Regarding the size of the chair, if you are over 6’1 feet, or have very broad shoulders, you probably won’t fit in this chair. The “wings” where the shoulders reside are perfect for me at 6ft, same with the pillow. It fits perfectly behind my neck and without it, my head reaches about height of the chair. I do find that the lumbar pillow is a bit too big for me and can be both uncomfortable and unbearable. It might be that I just have bad posture, and need to get used to sitting with the chair.

Everything else about the Vertagear gaming chair is fine so far. but it’s only been a couple weeks with the chair so no other issues yet that I can actively recall. I did point out more of its flaws mainly so people are aware. This is a newer product on the market (at least in the US) and I’m sure the quality will improve later on. I took a slight risk with this purchase compared to the more well-known DxRacers, but I’ve overall content with the product so far. Read the ful review of the Vertagear SL2000

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3. AKRacing AK-7002 BK

AK Racing AK-7002 BK

Firstly, I wasn’t incredibly familiar with “AKRacing” as a brand. I initially had shown interest in the DXRacer gaming chairs and my colleague decided to purchase the chair for review purpose. I did a little bit of research online and had a difficult time finding much about this company in English. As for the chair, it looks almost identical in build to the DXRacer chairs, but the carbon filter aesthetic bumps it up a couple notices for me. This chair is incredibly solid in build and looks overwhelmingly good in your office. Everyone that I have shown this chair to has loved it and were very impressed by both build quality and aesthetics. I wasn’t a big fan of the pillows that come for your head and as lumbar support, but I consider that to be mostly preference and subjective. I’m sure it would be useful for someone with back problems.

This chair will tilt backwards 180 degrees, allowing you to comfortably lay back in your chair and catch a quick nap if you so desire to. I have never fallen asleep in a chair before, but I feel as though I could easily do so in this one. It’s almost as good as my master bed in my bedroom. It was so sizable that both my girlfriend and I fit quite snug in the chair, with even more room to spare. I was a little weary when I first attempted to tilt the chair all the way and lay in it, expecting for the chair to fall completely backwards. But as I said, this chair has extremely good build quality and it never budged. The arms of the chair are height adjustable and very comfortable, they are also contoured so that your arms and elbow will fit in them nicely, although I wish they were a bit wider.

I’ve never owned or used a DXRacer, but I would assume that this AKRacing gaming chair is easily comparable, as they have nearly identical build quality. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought I had read on some forums that AKRacing is an offshoot brand of DXRacer, but in Europe. So it may very well be the same company that is distributing parts and creating these chairs. Leaning the actual chair back (Not the backrest) isn’t easy and doesn’t seem to be incredibly functional, which isn’t great if you like to rock in your chair. Although this may change and loosen with time. This is easily the most comfort, most durable, and most aesthetically pleasing chair I have ever sat in. It’s not without its minor flaws which I will list below, but if you are shopping for a premium luxury gaming and/or office chair, you can’t go wrong with this chair.

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4. RapidX Gaming chair

RapidX Gaming chair

I bought this chair over another competitor because I favored the aesthetic.  All of the other chairs on the market looked the same and this one with the checkered design really stood out to me from the rest. I must say that I’m extremely happy with this gaming chair. I am a graphic designer in the daytime and a gamer at night and having a good chair is as important for me as having a good mattress for a good night’s sleep. I work from home and normally spend an average of 8-10 hours on the chair between work and gaming and I was looking for something versatile that can meet both needs with and I think this RapidX chair did the trick. On top of that, I have a bad back and the chair is contoured with enough lumbar support to keep me in a comfortable position. The leather-like material feels strong and the padding feels good, like a high quality couch. It’s hefty, definitely doesn’t feel at all cheap. I’m going to buy another one when I can spare the cash, my son is a gamer as well and he keeps stealing it. He napped in it with it fully reclined, which brought about laughter when I discovered the occurrence. It’s quite easy to assemble and it only took me thirty minutes by following the instructions thoroughly. It offers stellar Lumbar support and a quality headrest pillow that fits in

I’m going to buy another one when I can spare the cash, my son is a gamer as well and he keeps stealing it. He napped in it with it fully reclined, which brought about laughter when I discovered the occurrence. It’s quite easy to assemble and it only took me thirty minutes by following the instructions thoroughly. It offers stellar Lumbar support and a quality headrest pillow that fits in perfect coordinate to my body. It’s adjustable for other sizes, body types, and heights as well. It’s good to have that option due to its versatility in meeting the demands of a variety of different people. I use the adjustment feature on and off for everyone else in my household. It also holds reliable multiple reclining positions, which is good for my afternoon power nap. Easily adjustable for comfort and can even go very low so my son can use the gaming chair to play his PS4, PC, and Xbox One games.

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5. DXRacer Formula Series NO

DXRacer Formula Series NO

As an avid PC gamer, I was looking to upgrade my chair to something more high end, which in turn would bring about my very first major chair purchase. Saving the money I earned for a couple of months helped bring about this glamorous luxury. I am really impressed with this gaming chair product. I wasn’t underwhelmed about anything regarding this gaming chair product. The materials used on the chair are magical. Dxracer gaming chairs are always splendid when it comes to quality and durability. I can tell that some serious engineering went into this chair and no two-bit knock of materials were used. I doubt that this chair will ever fall apart. The headrest pillows are great. The chair reclines AMAZINGLY. The gaming chair is also quite aesthetically pleasing. The chair is stiff, probably for a good reason, to help ensure its durability and inability to breakdown even when you blatantly try destroy the chair. You are put in place, locked in firmly. The side handles base (where you place your arms) adjust up, down and swivel outwards and inwards. You can even lean back with a side handbrake, especially due to the fact that it’s a racer type of gaming chair.

There are many levels, (about 10), of leaning, starting from 90 degrees to what appears to conclude at about a 160-170-ish degree lean. The bottom part where the wheels attach is made of pure steel. The orange markers are plastic and they lock in securely into the metal 5 way wheel piece. The design under the chair looks amazing which is contributed to the craftsmanship being spot on. Of course I picked the orange/black style to go along with my Pittsburgh Steelers colors around my house, I was considering blue/black and maybe white/black but at the end I chose orange due to it being more convenient. It just looks more racy type along with my predetermined colors around the house. Any color would really work with this type of build style and look. You get all the necessary tools to assemble the chair. It comes in pieces, putting it together is not that challenging or burdensome. And if you’re a gamer then you’d better know how to put this thing together otherwise why are you even gaming? The weight of the chair is about 49 lbs (22 kg).

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High End

1. DXRacer King Series DOH/KB57/NE

DXRacer King Series NE

We’ve had this chair for almost 4 months in our office, and it’s the most comfortable chair I’ve personally ever had. I use it between 2-8 hours a day, five days a week. Size-wise, being 6’0″ and under 200 lbs., DXRacer would recommend I be in a Formula or Racer series if I recall correctly, however I picked the King series as it is one of the few ones that allows me to sit cross legged on the actual chair. This fits perfectly for that. The back isn’t a tight fit for my size, and it’s not supposed to be, as this chair is for larger people than me, but I found this tradeoff in exchange for sitting cross legged to be worth it for me. The only con(s) I have been regarding the armrests. They are a little loose, in regards of angling back and forth, and as such squeak a little if you bump them. I could easily fix this if I didn’t care about keeping them adjustable, but I do! Fortunately, it’s not too bad, and it doesn’t seem to be getting any worse from day 1 onwards. The second con with the armrests is that they are very hard. If, for whatever reason like I do occasionally, you rest your elbow on them more than your forearm, it can quickly become painful. I can’t comment on DXRacer’s warranty or customer service, as I’ve luckily not had any issues, but this is probably something I should have, and would be smart, to look into before purchasing such an expensive chair.

My colleague, (Mark 6’2″ 250 lbs.) is actually also a free time football player. He snapped about 4 of our former office chairs. Mostly where the back of the chair attached to the seat. Those Staples, Costco, Walmart chairs costed us about $300 each time. So we had to find something made out of steel as opposed to being made out of plastic for the whole team. This chair’s quality and withstanding is astonishing. Also, as everyone knows is that Dxracer gaming chairs are inferior to none when it comes to durability and quality. I feel as if this is the best gaming chair available.

Read full review: Review: DXRacer DOH/KB57/NE Gaming Chair

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2. AKRacing Ak-6014

AK Racing Ak-6014

The AKRacing Ak-6014 gaming chair is extremely easy to assemble. Looks great and goes along with the clean office build I am going for. The cushions are a bit firmer than I am used to but that does lend itself to support the body better. I can spend hours in this chair without any issues or thoughts of discomfort! The overall build quality of the chair is quite lovely. I thought this was an EU product based on their website, but it is made in China, that was worth a mention due to foreign countries having supreme quality, but as I said it has good build quality as well. The other reviews seem to split on the back cushions. My chair has both and has straps on both to hold them up in its desired spots. I do not use the lumbar one but love the head rest. If the price point was $80-$100 lower I would give a perfect 5 stars for this chair.

I only rated this chair at 4 stars as the price is a little steep for not being real leather. But I knew that going in, and made my call for the looks and the hopes it would be more comfortable than my old chair, which without a doubt it is. This chair is a good PC gaming chair as well, but can also fit ideally with other gaming consoles as well. If you have the money to spend and could afford to let go of some big bucks, this is a solid purchase. Also, I feel as if this is one of the best gaming chair available.

Read full Review: Review: AKRacing Ak-6014 Gaming Chair

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3. DXRacer OH/TC29/NB

DXRacer OH/TC29/NB

The first off seller was first rate. We had a shipping misunderstanding and they stepped right up to make sure everything right. They went above and beyond to perform at adequate levels to help satisfy my needs. This DXRacer gaming chair is as described on the product and is quite solid. Understand that this is a BIG Chair. If you live on a second story you will need help getting it up the stairs. I would recommend for you to have some other people around to help assist you if you do indeed live in a multiple story house or building. The chair’s fit and finish was quite flawless. I’m 6 foot and 190 lbs., and the chair fits very comfortably for me. It’s hard to find chairs that fit someone of my height and weight, but this chair indeed holds up and completes the task. The chair is extremely adjustable and is very sturdy and firm. When I fall on the chair, the chair still remains sturdy and no jitteriness or shakiness are present. It’s also very easy to assemble, which is surprising due to the overall size of the chair. It’s almost as if it’s already assembled right out of the box.

When I fall on the chair, the chair still remains sturdy and no jitteriness or shakiness are present. It’s also very easy to assemble, which is surprising due to the overall size of the chair. It’s almost as if it’s already assembled right out of the box. The chair is pricey but it’s well worth the investment. This chair is also a good PC gaming chair as well, along with its capacity to fit any type of gaming system. I feel as if this chair could last me my whole lifetime if I give this chair the opportunity to last that long.

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4. AKRacing AK-6016

AK Racing AK-6016

This is a very good gaming chair. While testing it I enjoy it very much. The reclining feature is a huge plus. The back moves independently from the bottom allowing you to actually lie flat given enough space. You can sleep in this chair. The back is perfectly formed and very supportive and comfortable without even using the included lumbar pillow. The headrest pillow is actually useful and doesn’t ride up as much as others have noted (maybe because I’m fairly tall). It’s built like a tank with a sturdy metal frame and intuitive controls. Assembling wasn’t too bad. I don’t have a lot of strength and couldn’t grip things right so it took a little bit longer than I would’ve liked due to that. However, if you’re stronger, this task should hold no complexity or burdensome to you.

The instructions didn’t dumb anything down so if you aren’t knowledgeable about assembling/putting things together, you may want to watch a video on it first. In conclusion, this is a very comfortable chair, it’s my first computer/gaming chair that I have and it looks like it might be my only one for many years to come.  I didn’t like the lumbar pillow it was uncomfortable for me, but other people say it was very comfortable, so it’s just me. Anyways, I Highly recommend this chair. Pretty much, if you can afford it and it fits you, you should get it. Every gamer deserves a bomb chair. I feel as if this is the best gaming chair available.

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