Halo 5 launching forge custom game browser on PC tomorrow

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Halo 5 launching forge custom game browser on PC tomorrow

Halo 5’s multiplayer on PC is starting to perk up.

Halo 5 launched on PC earlier this year with the ability to create online content, but not play it. Now PC players will be able to enjoy one of the main features that Halo has to offer in Forge starting from tomorrow, 8th December. Instead of created content being exclusive to Xbox One owners that can now change.

The enormous Monitor’s Bounty update is the largest in the history of the franchise. With 343 studios revealing all of the content within two different parts. It provides PC players with full access to the forge and arena modes. This is all available to players on Windows 10, completely free of charge. The only downside is the complete lack of any matchmaking. The custom browser will however, allow you to create your own or find others without much trouble. The browser allows you to browse matches that completely suit your tastes down to the ground.

A new Observer mode it taking over, which will improve the sharing, spectating and casting elements. Available for up to 8 players in multiplayer and two teams for you to try out. You are now able to view the action at hand using camera controls without having to wait for the spectator films to be available.

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Once the update is live a new feature is introduced in being able to gift other players Gold REQ packs. A free pack is the gift that will be awarded for all players so that you can choose to trade off to a friend of choice. To access purchase options of extra packs you will need to be spartan rank 5 or higher. All packs need to purchased with cash and not RP. Premium DLC around this feature will be around later in the year, with some items also arriving later than the initial update.

For full notes on what is available for the Monitor’s Bounty update check out here to see what the developers have to say.

Xbox One players still currently hold the definite version of the game for sure, with all features at hand. The PC version does offer a good option to those desperate for some multiplayer Halo action though. Free-to-play with some great features will only boost the already large following the Halo franchise has. It will certainly be very interesting to see what these new features do for Halo 5’s overall popularity in the long run.