Microsoft’s Phil Spencer speaks out over PC support

by Nathan Worrall 380 views0

Microsoft’s gaming division will now be concentrating on getting PC only games in their schedule for the year.

Phil Spencer has reiterated his commitment to PC gaming for the long term future. Despite his main commitments to Xbox, there is still a desire to see PC grow as a platform.

There has been a stance from Microsoft as a whole to try and get as much content as possible to PC. It’s clear that they provide more gloss to their Xbox systems for the most part though. This may be changing soon, with the claim PC only games will become one of Microsoft’s priorities.

Microsoft have seen plenty of their games head over to the Windows 10 store. There has even been the odd case with a game finding it’s way to steam.

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Phil Spencer had plenty to say in the interview about PC gaming. Here is more from him on the decision to bring more PC exclusives soon:

“In the long run Windows is incredibly important to Microsoft – duh – and gaming is one of the most vibrant activities that happens on the Windows platform, and the Xbox team now runs gaming for Microsoft. Gaming on PC is something that we are committed to, we’re gonna have more things to talk about, we’re gonna have games only released on the PC, we’re gonna have games only released on console. And PC gaming is critically important to the company.”

It’s great to see the openness to diversity, but there is still some concerns for their approach. Whilst it’s well and good having Microsoft make more PC games, the Windows 10 store isn’t a great option. Many gamers have taken to comments sections everywhere to voice displeasure to it. No steam support is something many feel is a deal breaker, so a business decision needs to happen soon.

Regardless, it’s positive news to hear also with the information more will be coming at E3. It’s great news for PC gamers and who knows, they may surprise with more later this year.