New Dishonored 2 patch live on Steam

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A new Dishonored 2 patch has now went live on Steam. For anyone who has checked up on Bethesda recently may have noticed their situation regarding reviews. Bethesda had put a stop to any early reviews releasing for the PC version. Smart move by them clearly, however sly as problems within the game are plentiful. The new 1.3 patch should help resolve many of the issues that taint the PC version of this highly rate game.The patch has recently gone out of its open beta stage, now making patch 1.3 all systems go for everyone to download without too many worries. Bethesda have issued a recommendation for players to be updated to at a minimum, NVIDIA’s 375.95 driver. Issues are present in older versions, so avoiding them would be recommended. AMD owners should be using the 16.11.4 drivers, no word on if other versions have any issues. So anyone sceptical about entering a beta phase of an update, do not fear as we now have a full update full of fixes.

Provided is a list for some of the fixes & changes you can expect from the current patch:

  • Fix for mouse speed problem
  • FPS limiter is set by default to 60 FPS
  • Shadow quality settings now have a higher impact
  • Camera Motion Blur can now be turned off
  • Adaptive resolution is no longer set to “manual”
  • Missing textures when texture quality is on medium or above is no longer a problem
  • Players are no longer asked to confirm changes, when not making any changes
  • V-Sync settings can now match the refresh rate when higher than 60hz
  • Reverting from settings change of a resolution, monitor, windowed mode or triple buffering now actually revert when clicking “No”
  • Reduced performance impact of transparent surfaces & VFX
  • Removal red glow rendering bug on some NPCs

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Fixes for monitor issues in the update:

  • Dishonored 2 now displays on the main display when using multiple displays
  • Aspect ratios 5:4 and 4:3 no longer have missing UI elements
  • Default value for resolution quality is now “Quality”
  • Fix for bug causing game window to appear off-screen when resolution is set below the native resolution for 1440p and 2160p monitors.

Some known issues:

  • Phenom II processors are not supported, the game crashes when loading into one
  • Disconnecting and reconnecting a controller may cause controls to be locked (Alt-tabbing or using an Xbox controllers “Xbox” button should solve this)
  • Switching off V-Sync for a 2nd time sets the FPS limiter to 30 instead of 60 by default
  • Changing the settings from TXAA to FXAA and not applying changes sets the TXAA Sharpness to 1 instead of its previous value
  • Adaptive resolution can become stuck at -1 when restoring video settings (changing the V-Sync options will allow the slider to move again)

Here is a link to the games home page on the steam store to gather extra information on the patch and how to download it:

Hope now exists that Dishonored 2 can start to finally live up to its quality on all versions. So get back and play that game you should’ve been enjoying almost a month ago!