Review: AKRacing Ak-6014 Gaming Chair

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A gaming chair and an office chair combined, the AKRacing Ak-6014 gaming chair combines sleekness, ergonomic capacity, and comfort, in to the world of fast-paced and demanding gaming and tight work deadlines. Carry out the most grueling of tasks in supreme comfort with this gaming chair, whether the tasks are slaying zombies on a desolate map from World War II, or whether they’re in the office. The AKRacing Ak-6014 can handle anything thrown at it. A glimpse at the features of this sensational gaming chair shows a variety of desirable aspects, guaranteed to make anyone in need of a top-notch gaming chair drool. First, the metal construction of the chair provides sturdiness. Secondly, adjustability is present, with the armrests, height and back, and the angle of the back all being able to be adjusted. If you weigh a little more, fear not – the metal base allows four total levels of support, which can hoist a total of 396 pounds upward. If you’re looking for a premier gaming chair, and certainly a gaming chair that is deemed, by many, the best gaming chair on the market, look no further: The AKRacing Ak-6014, featuring extraordinary mobility, control, and weight distribution, is the next gaming chair for you. Without further ado, here is a comprehensive review of the positive and potentially negative aspects of this excellent gaming chair.


  • Weight: 50.7 lbs (23 kg)
  • djustable Armrests
  • 180-degree backrest adjustment allows you to adjust it to your needs
  • Supports up to 396 lbs

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Comfort for Days

The first thing to note about this chair is the comfort. It possesses excellent breathability. If you sit in a chair for hours on end, or game for a continuous amount of time, then this is the chair for you. It forces posture, and you certainly won’t notice any lower back pain, or neck pain. With this being said, if you are a larger person, I would stay away from this chair, and maybe try and look for a model that possesses more width. A handy feature that the AKRacing Ak-6014 gaming chair comes equipped with is the ability of the chair to be almost effortlessly put parallel. Because the back of the chair doesn’t connect with the base of the chair in a way that prevents the back from going down to far, if you have enough room, you will be able to make the back of the chair lie flush with your seat. This can be a huge benefit to those who need a break, and just want to lie down for the moment. Or, if you’re in the midst of a massive gaming session and you need to sit back and close you r eyes, well, this chair could help out with that as well. In addition to the versatility of its moveable features, the AKRacing Ak-6014 gaming chair is quite easy to assemble, a positive aspect for anyone who isn’t the most handy, or if you’re an anxious gamer who wants to quickly slide in to a comfy gaming chair. To sum everything up, this PC gaming chair is excellent, if you’re looking for a comfortable, easy-to-maneuver chair, that’s quite easy to set up, upon being received. The comfort of the entire chair is only accented by the fact that you can lie it almost parallel to the seat, providing the ability for a quick nap, while at work, or at work in your favorite video game.

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If You Lift it, You’ll Get a Workout

Although there are plenty of excellent features to be associated with this fantastically comfortable gaming chair, there are certainly a few negatives aspects that should be addressed. With respect to the overall build of the chair, it’s clearly a chair suited for people with a smaller build. Although it’s meant to support a ton of weight, if you’re tall, I wouldn’t buy it. Another negative that must be brought to light is the overall quality of the leather on the chair. Although it looks sleek, the overall quality of the leather feels a little cheap, and looks as if it may be susceptible to eventual wear and tear. Another aspect of this chair that may not be the most desirable feature is how costly. If you’re looking to buy a chair at a bargain, this isn’t a chair for you. If you are to buy the AKRacing Ak-6014 PC gaming chair, you’ll certainly get the most bang for your buck, but this chair just isn’t quite affordable. One final thing that needs to be pointed out is the weight of the chair, as well as the noisiness. The chair weighs over 50 pounds, and the parts of the chair itself can be quite noisy, depending on how much you move and adjust the separate parts. So, with all things considered, the negative aspects of this vastly positive chair are essentially fine details, but these types of details must be taken in to account, when considering buying.  If you’re above 5 feet, 9 inches, aren’t too handy, or on a budget, then this chair isn’t the gaming chair for you.


In Summary

Overall, even with the price being taken in to account, the AKRacing Ak-6014 racing chair is quite excellent. The comfort that comes with the chair is of the utmost quality, and grants the ability to game for extended periods of time. When I say extended, I’m talking 5 hours or more, at least. Additionally, this excellent gaming chair provides extensive versatility, allowing for adjustment, rotation, and movement, in many directions, at all types of angles. Additionally, the design of the chair is quite sleek, and stands out from many conventional PC gaming chairs. With all this being taken in to account, you won’t be too fond of the price if you’re on a budget, or if you have a tall torso. If you are a fan of high-quality material, then you won’t like this chair that much easier. With all this being taken in to account, however, this PC gaming chair should certainly be considered one of the best computer gaming chairs, even with the hefty price. If you buy this wonderfully comfortable chair, you certainly won’t be disappointed.

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Quality of exterior material
Ergonomic capacity


Excellent ergonomic capability
Easy to assemble


Only accommodates smaller individuals