Review: CUK MSI Nightblade MI2 Gaming Desktop

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CUK MSI Nightblade MI2 Gaming Desktop

Gear up and get ready for combat – the CUK MSI Nightblade MI2 gaming desktop has all the weapons you need. Whether you’re going to battle with a sword, an assault rifle, or a Warhammer, this intensely loaded with the juice you need to win the battle. When I say juice, I’m referring to supreme gaming technology. This gaming desktop trumps all gaming desktops, in multiple departments. From its 3 terabytes hard drive to multiple types of USB ports, the CUK MSI Nightblade MI2, is clearly one of the best gaming desktops on the market today, although it’s not a very cheap gaming desktop. Here is an extended glimpse of what this gaming desktop computer has to offer. An i7-6700k processor, the latest intel has to offer, is featured in this intense gaming machine. This processor is dubbed “Skylake”, and is a highly coveted feature of any top-grade gaming computer. Not only does this good gaming computer contain a superb processor, but it also contains a relatively unrivaled graphics coprocessor, a NVIDIA Geforce GTX 970. Although this isn’t the latest of the NVIDIA line, it will still deliver nearly unmatched performance. Finally, this sensational machine has a variety of handy connection and networking ports. The multitude of ports that this good gaming desktop possesses will allow for the construction of the ultimate gaming machine. Without further ado, here is a thorough look at what makes the CUK MSI Nightblade MI2 gaming desktop stand out above the rest of the gaming desktops.


  • Weight: 16 lbs (7.3 kg)
  • ntel Core i7-6700K Quad Core Processor
  • 500 GB SSD + 3 TB 7200 rpm HDD
  • Geforce GTX 970 4GB GDDR5
  • Windows 10 x64

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Slashing All The Competition

The CUK MSI Nightblade MI2 is a gaming desktop that is appealing from all angles. From the beginning, the tower offers a set of lights that is customizable to the user’s preferences. Before delving too far into the technical aspects of this supreme gaming machine, let’s talk about versatility. It possesses the latest and greatest in technical capabilities, as far as 3d functioning and graphics. Because of this, not only is this gaming desktop superb for games, but it’s also a great machine for design applications, and professional applications. Internally, this beast of a machine has the specs and features to run any type of computer game. From its Skylake Intel processor to its NVIDIA graphics card, any game will be able to be maxed out and played on the highest of graphical settings. This can be of particular interest to the gamer who plays games with large, immersive environments, such as Fallout, Grand Theft Auto, and Skyrim. Outside of gaming, you’ll find that this computer performs at lightning fast rates, even with simple tasks. If you need to reboot the computer, for any reason, you’ll find that it can reboot in less than 10 seconds. This is a simply spectacular feature. Externally, the CUK MSI Nightblade MI2 gaming desktop is quite compact, allowing it to fit snugly into any gamer’s setup. This is convenient for anyone who is tight on space. There are a large amount of USB ports stacked on this tower. Apart from three USB 2.0 ports, there are also four USB 3.0 ports, allowing the smooth importation and exportation of large amounts of data. Long story short, this gaming desktop possesses the prowess to do anything. It will professional applications, such as graphically intensive, 3-D medical software, and will run any game, maxed out at the highest of settings. It possesses external versatility, as well as a compact size, which allows it to conveniently be worked into almost any type of rig you can conjure up. Although it isn’t the most affordable of gaming desktops, all of its technical capabilities make it well worth the price.

CUK MSI Nightblade MI2 Gaming Desktop

Why Only 970?

Although the CUK MSI Nightblade MI2 is an excellent gaming construct, there are a few peculiar issues that need to be addressed. No technology is flawless, and the CUK MSI Nightblade MI2 certainly isn’t an exception. First and foremost, the graphics card isn’t the best on the line. This particular NVIDIA model is only the 970M version, whereas the latest version is up to 1060M. I have no idea why they decided to leave out the newest version of the graphics card, while practically building everything else up-to-date. Although a newer model graphics card would most likely jack the price of the computer up to a couple hundred dollars, it wouldn’t matter too much. The price is already quite expensive. Odds are if you have the cash to spend on this, a little more expense won’t be a big deal. On the topic of expense, the CUK MSI Nightblade MI2 certainly isn’t a cheap gaming desktop. If you are to purchase it, you’ll certainly get the most bang for your buck, but if you are on a budget, then this isn’t the desktop for you. Although there aren’t too many flaws associated with this gaming desktop, they are flaws and need to be addressed.

In Summary

This superior gaming desktop is the Yoda of the Jedi. It is certainly one of the best gaming desktops on the market. Although its price is a little steep, every penny spent will be well worth it. Even with the graphics card being slightly outdated, every other technical aspect of this gaming laptop has the latest of gaming technology and possesses the ability to play any game, on the highest of settings. Additionally, it possesses the versatility to be capable of running a large amount of different programs that require heavy graphic demand, making it a gaming desktop that is useful for a variety of different applications. All in all, even with the expense, this gaming desktop is one of the best and is worth the money. If you are to make the purchase, rest assured that every penny of your money will be well spent.

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Ability to stay cool
Ability to stay quiet


Superior technology
Well-adapted for a larger gaming rig


Quite expensive