Review: CyberpowerPC GUA4500A Gaming Desktop

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CyberpowerPC GUA4500A Gaming Desktop

Desktop gaming usually has the upper hand, performance wise, over laptop gaming. Often, if you sacrifice mobility, you’ll get more out of gaming-specific performance functions, such as graphics cards and processors. The CyberpowerPC GUA4500A gaming desktop will cause you to never want to buy a gaming laptop again. This supremely-enamored gaming desktop not only outdoes the majority of other gaming laptops, but the vast majority of gaming desktops, as well. Judging by the armor-like appearance of the outside build of this gaming desktop, it would outlast any other gaming desktops in a jousting match, as well. On a more serious note, this good gaming desktop is of supreme quality, and offers a mind-bending set of the latest in gaming technology. At a glimpse, here are some of the prominent features of this excellent gaming desktop computer. First and foremost, it features a dominating, performance- heavy processor, an AMD FX-6300 3.5GHz Six-Core heavy weight champion. The next thing to note is a top-class graphics card, a serene NVIDIA GTX1060 6GB video card. Although there are many other features, we’ll get to those in a second. This gaming desktop also comes with a keyboard and mouse – an excellent, money-saving feature that will ultimately affect affordability, in the long run. This gaming desktop might very well be the best gaming desktop on the market, especially with respect to its value. If it’s not the best, it certainly is one of the best gaming desktops. Without further ado, here is a breakdown of all the aspects and features of this cheap gaming desktop.


  • AMD FX-6300 3.5GHz Six-Core
  • Weight: 29 lbs (13.2 kg)
  • NVIDIA GTX1060 6GB video card, VR ready
  • Warranty: 1 year parts & Labor Warranty

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Supreme Performance, To Say the Least

As mentioned earlier, this dekstop possesses superb, performance-enhancing capabilities. You’ll be able to run the most superb of games, on the highest of settings. This is mainly due to two important features: the sublime processor, and the super-new graphics card. On the subject of the graphics card, it is top of the line, and is ahead of most other gaming desktops in this respect. This speaks volumes on the desktop’s affordability. You’ll find some more expensive computers featuring the older 960M NVIDIA card. It terms of the build, its proficient, in more than just an up-to-date manner. It’s flexible, and easy to mod and replace the parts. Today, most gaming desktop computers are custom built, and a prebuilt one that offers flexibility with regards to modification should be highly touted. The CyberpowerPC GUA4500A gaming desktop isn’t an exception to this. It’s easy to open up, and the wires are tucked away nicely, from the majority of the gaming hardware. On the topic of computer build, this intense gaming desktop has a pleasant-looking green backlight, adding to the aesthetic appeal. In addition to this light, it has a menacing looking, battle-ready outer shell. You’ll also find that the tower runs quite smoothly. It emits a low hum, upon usage, but it isn’t quite distracting, and isn’t very loud. With respect to the AMD processor, it might seem like an Intel i7 would be a more desirable option. However, it works flawlessly with the NVIDIA 1060, and can run any game, even when the highest settings are in use. Games such as Witcher 3, Assassins Creed Syndicate, and World of Warcraft are all able to be ran at the highest possible graphical settings. All of the aforementioned games are quite graphically intense, and prove the worth of this excellent gaming desktop. If you’re worried about the build getting damaged during shipping, have no fear: packaging is absolutely sound, with multiple foam layers being present inside a tightly-sealed box. A final feature to take note of is that it doesn’t come with any pre-loaded bloatware, which can be  quite a nuisance to anyone, no matter if you’re a gamer or a leisure PC user. All of these pleasant features are capped off by a smoothly-running Windows 10 operating system. Overall, this excellent gaming desktop is a fine piece of technology.

Lack of Port Versatility

One of the main problems present with the CyberpowerPC GUA4500A gaming desktop is the lack of USB 3 ports. It has six  USB 2 ports, but if you’re doing a large amount of data transfer from a device such as a camera, you might want to consider an upgrade, or consider getting an accessory which will allow for such a thing to happen. Another problem you might run in to is the lack of multiple HDMI ports. The only HDMI port present on the tower is being taken up by the graphics card. In order to bypass this issue, you’re going to have to buy a DVI to HDMI chord, or a DVI adapter to use with a monitor that is only HDMI compatible. These problems, thankfully, are vastly outweighed by the vast amount of superior features that the CyberpowerPC GUA4500A gaming desktop has in its arsenal. Although it lacks versatility with respect to its ports, the CyberpowerPC GUA4500A is a superior, affordable gaming desktop.

CyberpowerPC GUA4500A Gaming Desktop

In Summary

With a performance heavy set of technology, the CyberpowerPC GUA4500A is a force to reckon with, to say the least. It features a processor and graphics card that will, without a doubt, have no problem running any of the most graphic-heavy games, on the most graphic-heavy settings. This sensational piece of gaming hardware should not be overlooked, and the graphical capabilities will, most likely, be unrivaled for years to come. If you’re looking for an affordable, performance-heavy, gaming desktop that will be sure to cause even the most hardcore of gamers to raise their eyebrows in delight, the CyberpowerPC GUA4500A is the gaming desktop for you. PC gaming has never been more efficient, beautiful, and affordable.

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