Review: DXRacer DOH/KB57/NE Gaming Chair

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DXRacer DOH/KB57/NE Gaming Chair

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s an alien! It’s a …chair? You’re right, it’s the DXRacer King Series DOH/KB57/NE PC gaming chair, and if you read this article, it’ll be sure to fly in to your area, in no time. On top of its color selection which is surreal, to say the least, this extraordinarily ergonomic gaming chair is of the utmost quality, and will assuredly give you the utmost comfort. The DXRacer DOH/KB57/NE gaming chair is loaded with a ton of cool features, and not just a cool set of colors. If you want an artfully designed, ergonomic gaming chair that will suit all your needs, look no further; this one is for you. Here is a peek at some of the features this godly, alien-like gaming chair possesses. First, it features an extra wide design, ensuring that all but the largest of humans are able to fit, snugly, into its grasp. It also has an incredibly high backrest, which is also straight, ensuring posture, and providing incredible support. This support can also be adjusted with ease, and is quite flexible. In addition to the back being flexible, this menace of a gaming chair also is built with a swivel base that will send you spinning in every direction. The capabilities keep rolling. This handy gaming chair features a foot rest that is top of the line, and fit with the latest in foot rest technology. Arm rests on this beauty of a chair are completely adjustable. Additionally, a fun aspect of this incredible chair is its ability rock back and forth. This is the icing on the cake. Without further ado, here is the DXRacer DOH/KB57/NE gaming chair broken down into a readable list of pros and cons.


  • Weight: 66 lbs (30 kg)
  • Adjustable armrests and rocking function
  • 360-degree swivel base with smooth 3″ double caster wheels, for easy rolling
  • Lifetime warranty on frame, 24 month warranty on parts

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DXRacer DOH/KB57/NE Gaming Chair

The Yacht of Gaming Chairs

There’s a reason that this PC gaming chair is dubbed “King”. Weighing in at 66 pounds and possessing the ability to seat someone up to 300 pounds, the DXRacer DOH/KB57/NE is a shark in an ocean full of anchovies. If you’re a smaller gamer or chair connoisseur, however, don’t be alarmed. This gaming chair is flexible to accommodate even the smallest of gamers. If you have the money and are looking to purchase a high-end chair such as this one, don’t be turned away because of how large it is! This chair is durable, to say the least. If you buy this monster of a gaming chair, you’ll be assured years and years of use. Another positive aspect is the ability for the chair to maneuver in multiple directions, as well as the ability of the backrest to maneuver to a position that is parallel to the ground. If you’re in the heat of an intense gaming session and need a break, fear not. With the push of a lever, you’ll be on your back in no time. The ability of a recuperation nap to reinvigorate your gaming experience should not be underestimated. If you don’t have good posture, this chair will certainly hurt you a bit, initially at least. In time, however, you’ll certainly reap the benefits of having good posture. In the long run, your back will be less susceptible to damage and strain, especially through gaming. Another handy feature of this sensational gaming chair is foot rests. Not many other gaming chairs on the market feature footrests, and they can come in quite handy. Try adjusting your backrest 45 degrees downward, and resting your feet in the foot rest. Pure relaxation will ensue, and sometimes this relaxation is necessary when you’re in the midst of a long gaming session. If you’re in the market for an excellent, durable, comfortable, and long-lasting gaming chair, look no further than the DXRacer DOH/KB57/NE computer gaming chair. This DXRacer gaming chair will certainly blow any competition out of the water, and provides premier comfort and innovation.

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About the Armrests

300x250-adWith the DXRacer DOH/KB57/NE, there are almost no flaws to be addressed, which is a spectacular thing to say with respect to reviewing anything. The flaw that must be addressed is related to the armrests. Adjustable armrests have many perks. The main positive that comes with adjustable armrests is the ability to prevent stiff wrists and shoulders. Stiff wrists and shoulders can severely impact your gaming experience. Above all, this stiffness can be characteristic of the beginnings of carpel tunnel syndrome, a disease that no gamer wants to have. Because of the advantages that the rotatable armrests pose, you’d think that there could never be a flaw. However, on the DXRacer DOH/KB57/NE, you’ll find that they swivel about, and are never grounded in one place .This can be a nuisance. If you get annoyed enough, you might even have to rig them in a certain way, so they’ll stay in place. If this is something that’ll bug you, be warned.

DXRacer DOH/KB57/NE Gaming Chair

Summing it All Up

TheDXRacer DOH/KB57/NE is a luxury, top-notch gaming chair, and is suitable for a variety of environments/uses. With respect to other chairs in its weight class, it might the best gaming chair to buy, if you’re looking for one that will support a lot of size. This chair is luxurious, to say the least, and features a wide array of versatile, top-of-class features. Comfort and ergonomic stability are delivered in a supremely appealing manner, with features such as backrest adjustment, a footrest, and adjustable armrests. These armrests can be a problem, but trust me; they are the only problem that will ever be the cause for alarm. Taking everything in to account, the DXRacer DOH/KB57/NE gaming chair is a superbly designed chair, and its positive attributes vastly outweigh its small amount of flaws present. This gaming chair is a must-have.

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Quality of exterior material
Ergonomic capacity


Flawless design


Armrests are confusing
Very pricey