Review: HP Pavilion 25xw 25-Inch Gaming Monitor

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HP Pavilion 25xw 25-Inch Gaming Monitor

HP was one among the major brands within the market that accomplished a potential of economically reasonable monitor that blend very nice aesthetics. Their older monitors of Pavilion (25xi) and ENVY series delivered simply just what they are, out of the box. They weren’t solely performance focused but also were primarily an eye-fixed candy. With gorgeous appearance and beautiful visual quality, they were one amongst the leading asked for monitors within the market today, particularly by those that really valued looks. While most of the popular and major monitor brands out there have been busy producing ordinary or mundane monitor with straightforward plastic frames and stands, HP took the a daring step of venturing into additional refined styles and designs. HP Pavilion 25xw is essentially the continuation of that very same concept. In fact, these monitors became even bolder than they sounds like, and I must say I give my respect for HP on that move.


  • 25-Inch LED TN Widescreen
  • Weight: 10.6 lbs (4.6 kg)
  • 60 Hz, Response Time: 7ms
  • Ultra-Slim

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So far this monitor have been out there simply over a year and has already garnered an enormous client base giving this monitor nearly perfect reviews on every website I know. This HP pavilion monitor is proof to the very fact that you simply ought not to be an Apple owner so as to own a decent looking monitor. Sometimes Apple has the monopoly on appearance as a result of the remainder of the brands are much too afraid to venture into the unknown with their polishes. Not with HP although. It seems that HP’s brave undertaking has undoubtedly paid off every hard work. Although the look of the monitor has greatly increased, has it extremely improved a lot of on its predecessor? Browse on this HP Pavilion 25xw review to examine that out.

HP Pavilion 25xw 25-Inch Gaming Monitor

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Design and feature selections

Wherever this monitor very makes a reputation for itself is within the design department. HP has taken an incredible step with the method they have styled the stand. Nothing like it very exists within the market. It will simply be the center of attraction wherever you place it. The stand is massive enough to accommodate your accessories like keys, notecase etc., therefore it’s not entirely useless. The sole huge disadvantage concerning the design of this monitor is that it doesn’t provide VESA mounts. Meaning, you’re very just stuck with the stand that you just have. Though to many, this could not be a drawback. To those that are searching for full adjustability, they’d undoubtedly notice this monitor lacking. This monitor’s native stand doesn’t provide any reasonable adjustability except a slight that is basically a shame.

Plus, people who look for to possess a multiple monitor display ought to make out with the native stand on this monitor. Without VESA mounts you’d not be able to mount them on a separate stand. Feature wise, this can be not extremely a problem for the feature laden product. Well for the worth you can’t very ask for more; but, it will have a comprehensive OSD with many features within the image management section. The sole visual technology that it utilizes is the HP Enhance+ that improves the resolution of the pictures and makes them crisp. The basic options it boasts is IPS panel, FHD resolution, and 7ms latency. As you’ll be able to tell from the response time, HP hasn’t much improved a lot on it since its predecessors. You’ll be able to notice cheaper IPS panels providing better response times lately. Take a glance at genus Acer R240HY, this is a less expensive IPS monitor with 4ms response time. This primarily tells us that HP pavilion 25xw isn’t really designed for Gamers in mind.

Now this can be a radical slim monitor that appears stunning both from the front and also the back. It’s ideal for workplace environments I might say and additionally for home recreation. Gaming? Maybe so. However, if you’ve got terribly powerful gaming rig, chances are high that that you simply would rather wish to take a position in thin bezel gaming monitor. Though this monitor is bezel-less and may positively maximize our viewing angles, it’s not entirely designed for gaming functions.The monitor does fairly well around this department. It offers two HDMI and one VDA ports. I might call this monitor lacking in ports; but, the exclusion of a DVI port would be regarding to some.

Also, this could be too so much fetched for a monitor of this value, however a display Port or a USB hub would have been grand. HP pavilion 25xw is kind of affordable monitor. For roughly $160, you obtain similar looks as a number of the super pricey Apple displays. On prime of that it offers an IPS panel that hasn’t had a lot of negative criticism. IPS panels typically receive complaints if they happen to be off low cost build since they cause backlight bleeding marginally. This monitor hasn’t established any such reviews from its additional 1,000 client reviews. You should recognize that the largest point of this monitor is that the style. If it’s strictly features and functionality that you simply are after at a reasonable price, then have a glance at this article.


The Possible Drawbacks

As already mentioned within the sections above, this monitor includes a few drawbacks. First off it doesn’t provide VESA mounts. You may notice thin bezel monitors with VESA mounts here. Also, this monitor primarily asks for more simply because of its appearance. There are additional feature laden monitors out there that cost even less. Take Acer R240HY as an example.


HP Pavilion 25xw is absolutely stunning monitor. It’s the monitor that you just need to lay eyes on. It’s a watch candy; a pleasure to look. For that reasons alone, this monitor is well worth the cash. If it’s beauty and class that you simply are after, then this monitor is probably the one which will satisfy you. However, the monitor isn’t too marvelous on features. It lacks essential options that creates it not too appropriate for enthusiasts. The monitor is most fitted to office environments despite that.

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