Review: Vertagear SL2000 Ergonomic Gaming Chair

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Vertagear Racing Series S-Line SL2000 Ergonomic Gaming Chair

Ergonomically sound, engineered for comfort, and squeak/creak free, the Vertagear SL2000 gaming chair is, without a doubt, the best gaming chair on the market. This astoundingly intricate PC gaming chair is a force to be reckoned with, to say the least. Featuring a highly customizable set of colors, it looks like royalty, and feels like royalty as well. If you are to purchase this gaming chair for your personal use, you’ll be ensured hours of seamless, uninterrupted gaming. Here is a glimpse at some of the extravagant features the Vertagear Racing SL2000 has to offer: A largely adjustable back portion which extends up to 170 degrees, granting the ability to lean all the way back without tipping over, high quality PVC leather adornment, giving the chair durability as well as a luxurious look, a frame that’s constructed from solid steel, an adjustable resistance/tilt control, and wheels which are designed for a supremely comfortable gaming experience, as well as for better resistance to foreign objects on the ground below. If the proceeding list wasn’t enough to win you over, here is a comprehensive look at the specs surrounding this lavish PC gaming chair.


  • Weight: 44.1 lbs (20 kg)
  • Features independent back angle option up to 170 degree.
  • Constructed from a steel frame that assures a solid structure.
  • Ergonomic superiority

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Vertagear Racing Series S-Line SL2000 Ergonomic Gaming Chair

Ergonomic Superiority

A gaming chair needs to be comfortable. As simple of a statement as that is, a comfortable chair can mean the difference between a five hour gaming session and a seven hour gaming session. With respect to being comfortable, the Vertagear Racing SL2000 gaming chair exceeds expectations. Its flawless design leads to a level of comfort that is noticeably superior to many other gaming chairs in lower price ranges. A serious gamer certainly needs to invest in a chair that doesn’t cause pain after prolonged periods of use. With respect to this PC gaming chair, you’ll be making a worthwhile investment. The armrests of this gaming chair are designed quite compactly, being solidly grounded to the chair. Although they are secured quite tightly, however, they do move back and forth, a desirable trait for any PC gaming chair. Beyond the flexible armrests, the handles of the chair clearly aren’t cheaply installed, firmly sealed on the ends of each armrest, in a non-cheap fashion. Heading up, the headrest itself isn’t very obtrusive, and isn’t awkwardly installed, ensuring maximum comfort. The support of the chair is unrivaled, only adding to the overall comfort of the support system. This support system has excellent lumbar support, providing an excellent ergonomic benefit to those who will use this chair for prolonged periods of time. The same support system also forces good posture. It can be painful at first, especially to those who aren’t used to sitting up straight. However, with time, this pain will improve, as posture will gradually get better. The Vertagear Racing SL2000 is an extremely comfortable gaming chair, perfect for long periods of gaming that are guaranteed to require a decent level of relaxation and focus. There are many elements that go into a successful gaming session. One of these elements is lack of interruption. With this PC gaming chair, squeaks and creaks are kept minimal, ensuring interruptions are kept minimal. Additionally, the PVC leather that the chair is manufactured from is extraordinarily breathable, cycling heat out of the chair in a very efficient manner. Finally, the Vertagear Racing SL2000 is quite easy to assemble, with its instructions being quite understandable. Expect to be able to put it together in no more than 15 minutes! If you’re in the market for a PC gaming chair that is comfortable, breathable, ergonomically efficient, and easy to assemble, then this gaming chair is the right chair for you.

You Might Have to Use All Your Strength

There aren’t too many negatives that come with this chair. Its design is superb, but not flawless. Although it’s quite easy to assemble, the Vertagear Racing SL2000 gaming chair poses one issue that can make the assembly quite difficult. This issue is that the back portion of the chair is particularly difficult to align with the hole in the connector piece, on the lower portion of the chair. Unless you possess a decent amount of upper body strength, you might want to have assistance, when initially putting the chair together. Although the chair is structurally sound, you might want to consider a wider model, if you’re over six feet in height. If you have particularly broad shoulders, you might want to take this into consideration, as well. The back rest is noticeably slim and can be quite difficult for men/women with larger frames to fit into. If you’re a taller male/female, consider going with one of the wider models. You’ll get the same brand, quality, and back support, but with more consideration for taller gamers.

Vertagear Racing Series S-Line SL2000 Ergonomic Gaming Chair

In review

Overall, this gaming chair gets five stars. A chair is so much more than just a chair to a hardcore gamer. It can make or break the gaming experience. If you’re interrupted by constant discomfort in your lower body, upper back, wrists, and arms, you’ll be forced to interrupt whatever you’re doing; otherwise you’ll risk serious, long-term injury. To avoid any potential of this happening, you’ll need to invest in a seriously designed, ergonomically sound gaming chair. With respect to the Vertagear Racing SL2000 PC gaming chair, you’ll get all this and much, much more. With a structurally sound frame, high-quality, breathable leather, adjustable arm rests, excellently designed upper back, neck, and head supports, and a variety of other features, this gaming chair is a keeper. Designed for gamers to have the ultimate, interruption free experience, this menacing chair is a mean addition to any gamer’s arsenal. If you’re in the market for a soundly designed chair that’s great for gaming and office use as well, look no further. The Vertagear Racing SL2000 is, without a doubt, the gaming chair for you.

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Quality of exterior material
Ergonomic capacity


Flawless design
Ergonomic superiority
Ease of assembly


Inability to be comfortable for people of all heights/body types