Shenmue HD looks like it could be happening

by Nathan Worrall 351 views0

Following the hype for Shenmue 3, could HD remasters be joining the club?

Following the massive success Shenmue 3 saw from it’s kickstarter, the series large spotlight. It seems as though Sega Europe have registered domain names for a Shenmue HD remaster. and are the domain names in question. Sega discussed the difficulties compared to porting the originals. Despite that it’s looking likely that remasters for Shenmue 1 & 2 will happen someday.
There is no information available on the domains yet, both drawing blank webpages. It’s obvious it is in Sega’s best interests to go forward with this project in the future. Shenmue 3 had insane backing following it’s E3 kickstarter reveal. Breaking it’s targets in record time, it’s clear there is a lot of interest for the franchise to make a return.

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The domain names for both filed in September 2016, so it’s been on the cards for a fair few months now. We hope that this is a positive sign for the future and that these remasters do come to fruition. We are currently in a generation were HD remasters and definitive additions are commonplace. They are good ways to bring popular titles to current technology. Allowing us to revisit old classics with a fresh lick of paint, it would make sense for Sega to go forward with it.

Sega have noted many of the difficulties that would come with the potential games. Complications with licenses products being one of the hold backs. They only want to make this a reality if the game can live up to the quality assurances of the original titles.

With the original Shenmue now being 17 years old, it is a long overdue return to a beloved series. Sega done a Q&A last year, in which it a desire to revisit Shenmue was clear. They discussed the title and what they see for it in the video linked here. A polishing of the Dreamcast’s open-world adventure is definitely one of the companies priorities.

HD remasters of the two Dreamcast titles should be a good taster for what is to come for Shenmue 3. We already know that there is huge demand for the game, but we would get a good idea from the performance of the remasters. They are sure to be a hit with returning fans, but it would be a great bonus if it opens up the doors to a whole new audience for Sega to reel in.