Skyblivion has a new teaser trailer

by Nathan Worrall 1,711 views0

The world of Cyrodiil is closer to it’s Skyrim collaboration.

A new four minute trailer is available for Skyblivion, showing us just how beautiful mods can be. Skyblivion for those unaware is the project for shipping the entirety of Oblivion into Skyrim. That information alone is impressive, but the following trailer does it even more justice.

The guys over at TESRenewal have been working on this for a very long time. They have stated they are currently concentrating on quests, 3D models and new assets. With Morroblivion already released and Skywind in steady progress, it is nice to see this progressing so well. With work having started in 2013, anyone willing to contribute can do so. You can help speed the process by following the link to help out.

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Not only is the plan to release this mod on Skyrim, but also into Skyrim’s Special Edition at some point too. All the more impressive is the fact it will be releasing with all of Oblivion’s DLC. Adding to an already huge world, with another huge map is just one of the many things that makes this project such an exciting prospect. Just to be clear this isn’t Oblivion just re-skinned with the Skyrim engine, it is literally throwing the whole of Cyrodiil into Skyrim. Also just to be clear, this current build is not available for the public to test out.

The already beautiful world that Oblivion provided us with will only become even more lovable with the improved lick of paint Skyrim’s engine enables. This latest build shows us new items, textures and even newly created NPCs.

There is still no release date in the works for Skyblivion, as there is still a long way until the finished product. Nevertheless this is still a great update on what we can expect from the ambitious mod.