Star Wars games selection sale on Steam

by Nathan Worrall 460 views0

The current Star Wars hype now has a Steam sale to contribute.

There is obvious interest around the Star Wars franchise right now. Due to the release of Rogue One, there is some hype around the franchise.

Steam have taken advantage of this occasion by making 14 games discounted on Steam. All Star Wars related, of course. The full collection usually costing $100.00/£100.00, is now available for a mere $29.99/£17.99. It’s a good chance to pick up a mixture of retro and more modern Star Wars games for your library.

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There is the option for a cheaper helping, in the form of the Star Wars Classic’s Collection. This bundle is $16.00/£12.00 down from the usual $40.00/£29.99 price tag.

These are the best helpings of any Star Wars games you can find on the PC right now. It’s a good chance to pick them all up at a low price. From the old popular, Knights of the Old Republic, to the more recent Force Unleashed games. There is plenty to choose from and at such a low price it is worth a shot.