Steam has hit 14 million simultaneous users for the first time

by Nathan Worrall 337 views0

The ever popular Steam has hit a new record for user stats.

Following more madness from the Steam winter sale, Valve have reached a new milestone. For the first time ever there have been 14 million simultaneous users on the platform. This is quite an extraordinary feat, seeing Steam peak in popularity recently.

The stats come from Januray 7th, with the peak numbers reaching 14,207,039. Steam’s stat page provided the numbers, with numbers now hovering in the 13 million zone. Dota 2 features as the cream of the crop for the amount of users. 951,942 being the peak, with Counter Strike: Global Offensive in 2nd with 675,195. Grand Theft Auto V completed a top three with 116,230 simultaneous users. It’s an achievement for any game to reach close to one million players on the same day, so props to that.

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Five million users was the statistics for 2012, so 2017 has seen a jump of nine million users. Two million of them coming in the last couple years, Steam is only rising further as a juggernaut. Despite the impressive numbers, it does include people who just have steam running. Even in the background with no games running, it includes these people too. They are still great stats regardless, but it’s noted not all those users were playing games.

Valve’s last report in 2015 claimed to have 125 million active steam users. This alone is an astonishing number, but how many of them play games each week is not clear. Regardless it’s still the largest in the business, and 14 million on the same day is massive by any means.

As someone who fell victim to the winter sale’s trap, it’s easy to see why the numbers are so large. Finding it hard to turn down the hoards of deals, you will find yourself with a game library the size of a real life one. It’s not much of a coincidence the numbers jumped so much from the aftermath of the sale. Many users lured in, whilst existing users struggle to choose from their never-ending list.